Case studies

Our solutions are designed to make your activities easier, more effective and to dramatically reduce operative times and costs for an increase in productivity and in growth opportunities for your customers.

Our goal is to constantly improve our applicative solutions, supplying innovative, scalable technologies with high Return of Investments.


Tempestive coordinated LESS (Low Energy Ship deSign tool), an R&D project in the context of Marine Technologies co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is a world-leading company in manufacturing professional solutions for food service and laundry system.

NUWA Technologies

NUWA Technologies is a start-up offering innovative services for the music sector.

NordPas Q-81

NordPas is a company leader in the management of occupational health and safety systems and on the implementation of environmental management systems.


Arsenàl is the voluntary consortium among the 9 public Local Health Authorities of the Veneto Region, 2 Hospital Trusts, “Azienda Zero”, and Veneto Institute of Oncology (IOV).


Palazzetti is a company leader in the production of fireplaces and stoves. Modern generation of pellet stoves can now be remotely controlled by an app running on smartphones or tablets.

Eliwell / Schneider Electric

Nuboj collects data from industrial refrigerators and from the merchandiser information systems, and allows for the interaction with the Eliwell solutions to receive notifications and thus meet the HACCP requirements.

Electrolux Italia

Electrolux Italia adopted Tempestive Reamplia Remote Assistance to connect remote factories and to enable technical employees to interact with a technical supervisor thousands of kms away, directly on the production line.