Arsenàl is the voluntary consortium among the 9 public Local Health Authorities of the Veneto Region, 2 Hospital Trusts, “Azienda Zero”, and Veneto Institute of Oncology (IOV). The mission of the consortium is R&D and innovation to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the health systems and organizations.

Arsenàl selected Tempestive to develop and implement an APP (for both Android and IOS) that enable the dematerialization of medical prescriptions and of the whole booking process for specialist exams.

Now the citizens can control directly from their phone the whole process: from the doctor’s instructions, to the collecting of the medicine from the pharmacy, to the examination of the past prescriptions and the subsequent steps to take. Less costs, more speed.

Tempestive played a key role in implementing SanitàKm0. End users appreciate the system since it helps speeding up the pharmaceutical recipes preparation and use.
Claudio Saccavini
CTO Consorzio Arsenal

SanitàKm0 (0 kilometers health system) project has been defined with the coordination of “Consorzio Arsenal”, a consortium of all the local health agencies in the Veneto Region. They selected Tempestive for the definition of the workflow and for the design and implementation of the App to be distributed to the users. The solution was fully operational in a short time, although it is undergoing a continuous adaptation in relation with the users feedback. At moment about 60.000 users downloaded the App and are actively using it.

The solution digitizes completely the pharmaceuticals prescription process and the specialist exam booking process. In addition, it gives the users the possibility to have prescriptions, history of prescriptions, and statistics of prescriptions readily available or future memory as well has address to any of the pharmacies available nearby or to any of the hospitals or laboratories.