Eliwell / Schneider Electric

Nuboj collects data from industrial refrigerators and from the merchandiser information systems, and allows for the interaction with the Eliwell solutions to receive notifications and thus meet the HACCP requirements.

Periodic reports are created thanks to the collected data and, thanks to Nuboj, a minimum effort is required by technicians to commission the system with only few, simple, and quick steps.

HACCP – “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. Monitoring plays a fundamental role in this context and serves three main purposes: monitoring is essential to food safety management in that it facilitates tracking of the operation, monitoring is used to determine when there is loss of control and a deviation occurs at a “critical control point”, it provides written documentation for use in verification.

We could immediately find the ideal way to cooperate with Tempestive and the necessary tuning to choose the most suitable technologies. The capacity to be a pioneer in the new technologies also guaranteed us that the choice made todays will last and work in an efficient and reliable manner in the future.
Francesco Castagna
R&D Director, Commercial Control, Eliwell Machine Solution – Schneider electric

TelevisBlue, implemented by Tempestive, is the innovative system for monitoring Eliwell refrigeration systems with M2M connectivity included, completely cloud-based, intended for small and medium-sized installations. Designed for Tablets and Smartphones, it allows users and technicians to access all the installations from a single point making the information easily accessible at any time. TelevisBlue is a plug-n-play cloud based solution designed specifically for monitoring small and medium-sized sites to remotely manage and control all the variables of your site under control as required by the HACCP rules.

TelevisBlue collects all the temperature values and alarms registered by the devices in your site, delivering detailed reports customized for individual sites/devices. TelevisBlue offers the power of cloud data collection service, accessible via the web, via a pre-activated kit. This solution includes:

  • Serial connectivity for controllers in the field;
  • Mobile connectivity with a pre-activated M2M SIM Card compatible with different operators in over 30 countries;
  • A dedicated, protected M2M data connection between the gateway and the cloud server;
  • 12 months of service for data collection and archiving and alarm management;
  • Notification and reporting via email;
  • Web access to site configuration and data.