LESS (Low Energy Ship deSign tool)

Tempestive is coordinating LESS (Low Energy Ship deSign tool), an R&D project in the context of Marine Technologies cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund managed as one of the priorities of the Regional Operational Program of Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, Objective «Investments to support Development and Employment » 2014-2020 Axis 1 – “Strenghten Research, Technological Development and Innovation”, Action 1.3 – “Support Collaborative R&D activities to support the development od new sustainable technologies, new products and new services”.

LESS project, that started on April 1st, 2017, aims at developing a software simulation environment for the rapid assessment of energy performance of a variety of ships, primarily but not exclusively cruise ships, by considering a variety of layout for the energy generation, distribution and recovery plants. Focus is on the assessment of the performance of a variety of solutions and configurations to recover heat and dispersed energy while considering a variety of operational conditions, including the possible inclusion of energy recovery systems and cogenerative systems. Data related with the possible configuration and number of engine rooms will be combined with energy recovery solutions to select the best possible plant layout for a given ship working under certain operational and environmental scenarios.

The LESS simulation environment, developed by Tempestive will guarantee the optimal management od simulation scenarios, operation scenarios, plant configurations, plant components, and “performance indicators” to support the design process since the beginning. This will allow for speeding up the engineering activity while using preliminary design data.

BUDGET: 339.103,01 €
PARTNER: Tempestive srl (Coordinator) Università degli Studi di Trieste e CETENA spa (Project Partners) Mare FVG (Coordination Support)