The system integration experience of Tempestive, together with the capacity to integrate the latest mobile technologies, creates the opportunity for eHealth organizations to modernize their processes, optimize their activities, improve citizen’s services thereby boosting their productivity and reaching citizen’s satisfaction.

Tempestive, in team with customer' staff, developed a very important application for Arsenal Reg. Veneto, to dematerialize medical prescriptions.

The solution digitizes completely the pharmaceuticals prescription process and the specialist exam booking process. SanitàKmZero App in few months has already seen 300.000 downloads. Arsenal has received many awards for innovation the e-health sector.

Projects for eHealth


Arsenàl is the voluntary consortium among the 9 public Local Health Authorities of the Veneto Region, 2 Hospital Trusts, “Azienda Zero”, and Veneto Institute of Oncology (IOV).

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