Energy & Utilities

Tempestive technical offer for the Energy & Utilities sectors builds upon Enterprise Asset Management solutions and the Reamplia platform to assist asset lifecycle management, to optimize field resources, to schedule field operations, to manage the provision of services, and to monitor plants and machines.

The experience of Tempestive solved important issues in many cases. For transport companies, the management of vehicles fleets, multiutility, public lighting, aqueducts, mobile dams management.

Tempestive has a strong experience in Asset Management also for Public Sector. For years it installs and configures complete solutions for the correct maintenance. This allows both the maximum efficiency of companies and institutions and the protection of the administrators in civil and penal responsibilities.

Projects for Energy & Utilities


Tempestive coordinated LESS (Low Energy Ship deSign tool), an R&D project in the context of Marine Technologies co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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