Manufacturing & Industrials

Tempestive technical offer for the manufacturing and industrial sector builds upon the Reamplia platform and the Nuboj IoT business platform to plan, monitor and optimize the operation of plants and machines.

Tempestive has a long-term knowledge of the industrial and manufacturing sector. The experience started from logistics with the support of physical warehouse management software within freight forwarders.

Over the years it has also developed in the management of warehouse integrated with Enterprise Asset Management, in the integration of the most common ERP and logistics software with automatic warehouse systems and production systems in general through MES platforms and Activity Planning Systems.

Moreover, in the Industry 4.0 era, Tempestive guides many customers in their digital transformation process suggesting and developing tailored Internet of Things and Augmented Reality solutions.

The most important experience is related to the machine connectivity and to the best use and management of the collected data. Thanks to Nuboj platform, Tempestive is able to offer to its customer opportunity for the digital transformation of their solutions allowing also the passage from product to service.

Another quality of Tempestive is the ability to discuss and design, together with the customer, the best solutions in order to intelligently maximize the investments return in a connected way to their business.

Projects for Manufacturing & Industrials

Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is a world-leading company in manufacturing professional solutions for food service and laundry system.

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Eliwell / Schneider Electric

Nuboj collects data from industrial refrigerators and from the merchandiser information systems, and allows for the interaction with the Eliwell solutions to receive notifications and thus meet the HACCP requirements.

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