Company Profile

Tempestive is an Information Technology company specialized in System Integration, Enterprise Asset Management, and added value solutions for the Internet of Things.

Thanks to its focus on understanding business processes, dedicated R&D activities and Strategic Consultancy, Tempestive can integrate and operate the latest information technologies in a tailor made manner to create the most efficient and effective solutions to satisfy Customer’s needs.

Tempestive by numbers

Tempestive build upon the latest Information Technologies to offer State of the Art Solutions to Customers in a variety of Market Areas operating with its experienced Business Units.

Tempestive operates primarily with state-of-the-art solutions for: IoT, cognitive computing, advanced data analysis, predictive analysis, public and private cloud system integration, collaboration technologies, mobile technologies, Enterprise Asset Management and Augmented Reality technologies.

Tempestive’s solutions are specifically designed to make Customer’s activities easier and more effective, in each single aspect, and to dramatically reduce operational times and costs to increase productivity and to multiply growth opportunities for the end users.

Our vision is a connected future where new products, new processes, and new services help companies and people live in a better world.
Tempestive's mission
Our teamwork skills
  • Project Manager
  • Software Architecture
  • User Interface Designer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Software Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • System Process Integration

Tempestive relies on a highly skilled and talented team of people working in all areas of business.

Powerful blend of system and software development skills, strong experience in designing distributed systems and solutions, a balanced mix of know-how, qualifications, and innovative competences are perfect ingredients to offer high-quality and added value services. Tempestive’s staff coordinated, designed and developed enterprise projects addressed to hundreds of thousands of users.

Features of Tempestive

As a Service and Mobile

All Tempestive solutions are available “as a Service” and are available on the main mobile platforms.

Fast and quick ROI

The deployment is extremely quick and connectors are available for the full integration with the company’s information systems.

Fully Functional

Tempestive solutions are fully functional since their first deployment while allowing for the progressive addition of new functionalities.

Reliable and Secure

Tempestive solutions are extremely reliable under all operational conditions and are extremely secure with the highest levels of protection for data and information.

Open and flexible

Tempestive solutions are open to the connection of new things, devices, and appliances and to the integration of new sources of data and information.


Tempestive solutions are future proof with respect to evolving communication technologies and to changing software infrastructures.