Maximo Add-ons

Maximo Add-ons allow for the full exploitation of the power of IBM Maximo to implement Enterprise Asset Management strategies as well as organize workforce in the field.

Tempestive MxExplorer is a Maximo add-on which allows you to visually navigate business objects (assets, locations, work orders, etc.) with a tree structure similar to the Windows File Explorer feature.

Tempestive MxExplorer allows user to navigate system’s structure using the relationships between objects.The tree layout is perfect to represent the hierarchical nature of the business objects. The nodes icons of the navigation tree are configurable on the nature of the objects and the data they represent, showing for example different icons based on the status.

It is a data consulting tool which also allows you to define menu to run actions such as opening the current record in its application or executing scripts. This add on is flexible and dynamic. An administrator can easily define and configure different navigation trees using the configuration application.

Tempestive MXFleetLink is an app that integrates IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management with TomTom Business Solutions to manage assets and vehicles fleets.

MxFleetLink handles bi-directional status update of service requests and work orders. Workers receive the essential work order information and accept it using TomTom navigator. When worker returns to its vehicle, via the TomTom navigator updates the state of work order declaring it complete.

Geographic location of vehicle and relative data are available in real time on Maximo, so on- field work orders can be scheduled or adjusted just in time. Service requests can be assigned to the nearest crew not only based on raw distance but considering the traffic or road accidents.

Features of Maximo Add-ons

Complete register of your assets

A comprehensive register of all infrastructure assets and all other relevant corporate systems.

Reports and maintenance plans

A structured asset inspection regime to facilitate the reporting of defects and the development of maintenance plans.

Holistic vision

MxFleetLink merges the state of art of fleet management with IBM Maximo for an holistic vision of fleet and services based on it.

Safety and mantainance

Odometers and style of guide data drive preventive maintenance of vehicles in a trusted way. Fuel consumption data can be added to actuals of work orders.