NUBOJ Internet of Things Business Platform is the most powerful solution to easily and rapidly collect a large variety of data from diverse sources from the field while, at same time, implementing analytics and machine learning techniques.


Listen to your products, interact with your clients: create values by communicating with things.

NUBOJ with its advanced cloud based architecture and technology and a wealth of basic capabilities, can properly connect “things”, devices and appliances from the field while enabling the full digitalization of new operational and business processes.

The flexibility of NUBOJ is achieved via a component virtualization and digital twin approach by creating a virtual representation of a physical asset and/or of an organizational asset in the cloud. Using a model of the device behaviour, it is possible to react to the current status of the device or to predict the evolution of the device behaviour.

NUBOJ includes loT devices management, connection management, and application enabling management. Advanced Data Analytics solutions, Big Data handling techniques, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engines, Heuristics and Predictive Analysis tools can be plugged according to the needs of the customers to create high level and high value added applications.

Features of Nuboj

Fast and quick ROI

The deployment is extremely quick in all circumstances and connectors are available for the full integration with the company's information systems.

Fully Functional

Nuboj is fully functional since its first deployment while allowing for the progressive addition of new functionalities.

Reliable and Secure

Extremely reliable under all operational conditions and secure, with the highest levels of protection for data and information.


Open to the connection of new things, devices, and appliances and to the integration of new sources of data and information.

Future Proof

Nuboj is future proof with respect to evolving communication technologies and with respect to possible new software infrastructures.

Projects based on Nuboj


Palazzetti is a company leader in the production of fireplaces and stoves. Modern generation of pellet stoves can now be remotely controlled by an app running on smartphones or tablets.

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