REAMPLIA is the best tool to support field operations in general and maintenance operations in particular with the support of Augmented Reality.


Augment your Reality to improve and speed-up complex field activities and operations.

Its flexibility allows to open a window on all kind of assets, including infrastructures, factories, productions lines and vehicles to implement the most advanced maintenance strategies.

Tempestive REAMPLIA gives field technicians (and users in general) the possibility to receive additional data and information directly from IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management solution. The webcam view of tablets or smart glasses is augmented on the basis of tasks and work orders to be performed for the maintenance of machines and machine components and on the basis of the security rules that such activities would require. Once a component or an object has been identified and selected by its marker (a dedicated tag or the object itself), REAMPLIA overlays those data and information that are relevant and required for the specific operational phase. This is an important prerequisite to give the possibility to focus on the specific activity and avoid the display of unnecessary and unrequited information typical of generic AR software. In addition, REAMPLIA can easily display three-dimensional models of objects and components, simplifying the user's understanding of the equipment being maintained. Moreover, whenever available, REAMPLIA uses the GPS and other location information, accelerometers and videoconference to further improve remote support to the maintenance technician.

Tempestive REAMPLIA is designed and developed for both Android tablets and smart glasses. It is fully integrated with IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management 7.5, with a full capacity to share data, process information and communication systems. Further interaction capacity based on gesture and vocal interactions is available upon request. With the addition of Tempestive mobile solutions specifically created for IBM Maximo EAM, and thanks to the use of AR technologies, gives to field workers and maintenance technicians the capacity to operate at higher level of knowledge. Tempestive REAMPLIA adopts a plugin architecture that allows the customer to add their own graphical widgets to the built in information areas, to view and/or manage data and custom processes (e.g., the customer can view charts related to the selected asset or directly view useful documents).

Features of Reamplia


It might operates in offline mode, thus guaranteeing operation even in areas not covered by a wireless or 3G network or in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Data Support

Accompanies the operator to the exact place of maintenance and assists the maintenance technician in each step, providing all the data and processes needed until the completion of the work order


Thanks to augmented reality and one or more check lists, can warn the operator about the risk level for the specific intervention, by displaying safety information and by verifying the status of interventions

Remote Assistant

When remote connectivity is available, by sharing the AR device's webcam together with the audio contact, supports the interaction with a remote exper to receive information on the maintenance and the processing activities to be performed.

Projects based on Reamplia

Electrolux Italia

Electrolux Italia adopted Tempestive Reamplia Remote Assistance to connect remote factories and to enable technical employees to interact with a technical supervisor thousands of kms away, directly on the production line.

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